In this section, you will find everything about level-design and level-building, that is the conceptions of environments from scratch or with level-editors as the well known Unreal Development Kit or the GalaxyEditor (Starcraft 2). These conceptions are made with custom 3D models or with 3D models available by default in the level-editors.

Forsaken Shipyard
Heroic Stratholme
Internet World
Forsaken Occultarium

3D Store Renders

AG3D 01
Bac à sable d'Aerie's Guard!
SpaceCenter Map

Terran Installation
Duel des Thors
Le dernier temple
Map Multi Jardins suspendus du collecteur
Map Starcraft 2

Projet Fou de Guerre 2
Projet Warcraft 2

Portal 2 - Goblin Test Chamber 001
Circuits TrackMania